There’s some unusual feed appeared in the feed production of feed factory affecting the appearance and quality of the pellet, thus affecting the sales and reputation of the feed mill. The follow instruction list is the improving advice for unusual situation in the production of feed factory.

model shape features Cauese change method
1 Curve of pellet, Haw on the surface
  1. Cutter is far from ring die and blunt
  2. powder is too thick
  3. pellet is too hard
  1. Moving cutter and changing blade
  2. Improving fineness of grinding
  3. Increasing efficient length of holes, adding molasses and oil
2 Level flaw appeared
  1. Fibre is too long
  2. Condition time is too short
  3. Humidity is too high
  1. Controlling fineness of fibre
  2. Extending condition time
  3. Controlling temperature of raw material, reducing moisture of condition
3 Vertical flaw appeared
  1. Elasticity, means expand after compressing
  2. High moisture, means flaw appeared after cooling
  3. The standing time of feed in holes is too short
  1. Improving formula, increasing feed density
  2. Using steam for conditioning
  3. Increasing efficient length of holes
4 Radioactive flaw appeared Big material is not grinded as well(such as half or total com particle) Controlling grinding fineness of material, increasing grinding uniformity
5 Concave-convex on the surface
  1. Condition is not enough with big material
  2. Steam with bubble, bubble flaw appeared after pelleting
  1. Controlling grinding fineness of material, increasing grinding uniformity.
  2. Improving the quality of steam
6 Bearded pelle Too much steam and pressure, pellet cracked after outputted from ring die, making bearded Pellet appeared
  1. Reducing steam pressure, use low pressure steam (15-20psi) to condition
  2. Pay attention to the accurate position of pressure reducing valv