1. The inner-surface of ring die should be checked after using for a period of time. If there’s concave-convex, the part should be polished to ensure the service life of the ring die and roller.
  2. Occurs when your hold hoop loosening pellet mill, wear ring wear, bearing damage, as Abrasion as forcibly operate and so is not normal phenomenon, will lead to following circumstances (See chart).
  3. Suckling pig feed ring die under specific operating environment, material type may appear uneven thickness (size materials) the case, such as your contact us encountered this issue can fully resolved occurrence of such phenomena.
  4. Daily using of ring die should be noted, so that to calculate the accurate service life of ring die.
  5. The original feed should be extruded out with non-corrosive oil, when the ring die was not used in a period of time. Otherwise, the feed in the hole will be drying harden by the heat of ring die, resulting in the following situations.
  6. Ring die should be stocked in dry and clean place or the holes would be corroded and the service life of ring die would be reduced.
  7. If granulators hold hoop loosening lapsed appears, the drive wheel or excessive wear ring abrasion, nip between overtighten, pelleting machine spindle bearing damage or serious empty shaft, excessive work overload, briquette iron, etc. May appear according entered a ring mold damage.
model Material Type Feed Type Holes Diameter of ring die
1 High starch feed Φ2-Φ6
2 Pellet of livestock and poultry High energy feed Φ2-Φ6
3 Pellet of aqua feed High protein feed Φ1.5-Φ3.5
4 Pellet of compound fertilizer Feed include urea Φ3-Φ6
5 Pellet of hops High fibre feed Φ5-Φ8
6 Pellet of chrysanthemum High fibre feed Φ5-Φ8
7 Pellet of peanut shell High fibre feed Φ5-Φ8
8 Pellet of cottonseed hull High fibre feed Φ5-Φ8
9 Pellet of turf High fibre feed Φ5-Φ8