New vertical wood pellet machine

JZLH series biomass wood pellet machine is a biomass new energy equipment, which is a granulation equipment for wood chip production, also known as wood chip granulator, wood powder granulator, wood granule machine, sawdust granulator, etc.; The process of granules mainly uses forestry waste such as pine (Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica, white pine), mahogany, poplar, eucalyptus, etc., and the material status may be trees, wood, bark, shavings, furniture factory scraps, etc. Through the front-end process of crushing, drying, screening, etc., and then into the wood chip particle mechanism, cooling, packaging and other processes to produce finished wood pellets.


  1.  Adopting the new three-roller structure design, through scientific calculation and practical application, the three press rolls can be ready for the triangular support mode and the traditional vertical machine double press roll structure is more stable and durable;
  2. The pressure roller is made of high quality spring steel; special material plus special technology, the wear life is more than 2 times higher than the traditional pressure roller;
  3. The alloy steel mold of the new heat treatment process adopts jarayco unique double-layer ring-mode honeycomb mode cloth hole design, and the output is better than the traditional ring mold, and the loss is reduced by 40%;
  4. Add non-stop fueling system, operate smoothly, reduce downtime and improve production efficiency, and the particle quality is stable;
  5. equipped with jarayco special custom reducer system, 40% more weight than the ordinary market reducer, greater torque, equipped with water-cooled / air-cooled dual cooling system, longer service life;
  6.  unique powerless dial design, reduce the failure rate, can reduce operating costs;
  7. The pellet mill housing is made of HT250 grey cast iron, which is more durable and stronger;

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Additional information


brand new


liyang, Jiangsu, China

Model Number

JZLH series


raw material wood pellets


follow the customer\'s request for production


carbon steel and stainless steel


Swiss SFK / Japan NSK


Siemens, Germany


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