SYTC series Scale liquid adding machine

It is mainly used to add liquid nutrients such as molasses and oil to foods and compound feeds to improve feed quality and improve feed characteristics. The product is advanced and reasonable, stable in operation and convenient in sampling. Compared with similar products, it has the advantages of high automation, good sealing performance and convenient maintenance and maintenance of the whole machine. The oil tank is equipped with steam heating, constant temperature loading and automatic filling device. The pipeline can be equipped with automatic heater, constant temperature (60~80), and has good temperature antifreeze effect. It is widely used in special additions of different regions and different oil materials, and can be equipped with high-efficiency mist nozzles to make grease addition more uniform.


SYTC series Scale liquid adding machine

  1. The tank body is made of high quality carbon steel and is suitable for adding liquids such as grease and molasses.
  2. Weighing and adding units are operated separately, the weighing tank is equipped with a high-precision weighing and measuring unit, and the liquid adding unit is equipped with an efficient electric pump spraying system;
  3. It works better with SYTV series liquid flow adding machine, and can be automatically cycled and added;
  4. There are a variety of casing channels to choose from, to meet a variety of liquid addition needs;
  5. The inlet and outlet are equipped with pneumatic solenoid valves for automatic and precise control.
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Place of Origin

liyang Jiangsu, China

Model Number

SYTC series


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Clients Requirement


stainless steel

Water pump



Siemens Beide


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