TBLMF series Square pulse dust collector

Under the suction of the fan, the dusty airflow enters the machine (dust chamber) from the bottom or side of the machine. The larger dust particles settle down due to the sudden decrease of the airflow speed in the machine. Finer dust particles Then it is blocked and adsorbed on the outer layer of the filter bag, and the filter bag is back-blown by the compressed air, so that it is separated from the filter bag and then settles and falls out together with the larger dust particles. The purified air that has passed through the filter bag is discharged from the upper outlet of the clean room.



TBLMF series Square pulse dust collector

  1. It has a unique blowing device and adopts a frame-removable bag structure for easy maintenance;
  2. The machine is compact in structure, flexible in process layout, small in floor space, large in filtering area (up to 1 square meter for single bag filter), high dust removal efficiency (≥99%);
  3. The combination of fan and pulse, simplify the process, shorten the wind network, reduce the resistance;
  4. The use of straight-through solenoid valve, the use of low gas source pressure, single gas spray volume, small gas consumption;
  5. It is widely used in the recovery of pulverizer, blanking pit, packing, dust removal in dust conveying, concentrated suction and dust removal or other dust treatment;

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Additional information



Place of Origin

liyang Jiangsu, China

Model Number

TBLMF series


Dust removal


Clients Requirement


carbon steel and stainless steel



The electromagnetic valve



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