SQLZ series Powder cleaning sieve

The raw material enters the auger through the hopper, and the rotating auger passes through the sieve hole, rotates the sieve tube, impurities and waste can not flow out from the sieve hole, and flows out from the outlet under the action of the lead screw of the cylindrical sieve, which will lead to the passage. Then discharged from the large exit door, the lead screw not only helps to discharge a large amount of impurities and waste, but also prevents the material from flowing out of the sieve.




SQLZ series Powder cleaning sieve

  1. This machine is widely used in the sieving of powdery materials in grain, feed starch and citric acid plants, which can effectively remove the impurities in the powder;
  2. The cleaning effect is good, the efficiency is 98%;
  3. Can automatically clean the screen to ensure an effective sift area;
  4. The structure is simple, the failure rate is low, easy to clean;

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Additional information



Place of Origin

liyang Jiangsu, China

Model Number

SQLZ series


Material grading


Clients Requirement


carbon steel and stainless steel


Siemens Brand




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