SKLB series Pendulum counterflow cooler

It has a unique cooling mechanism, and the cooling air and the high-temperature and high-humidity materials move in the opposite direction, so that the material is gradually cooled from top to bottom, which avoids the surface cracking of the material caused by the quenching of the general vertical cooler, and the moisture and heat of the heart are difficult to be emitted. And other shortcomings, the cooling effect is better than the existing similar products in China. The temperature of the cooled material is not higher than the external temperature +5 ° C, and the precipitation rate is not less than 3.8%. It plays a good role in producing high quality pellet feed, prolonging the storage time of pellet feed and improving economic benefits.



SKLB series Pendulum counterflow cooler

  1. Adopting the principle of counterflow cooling, the particles are cooled sufficiently and evenly;
  2. Adopt a unique slide valve type discharge mechanism. Smooth operation. Smooth discharge;
  3. Simple maintenance and convenient installation and arrangement;
  4. The temperature of the pellet after cooling is not higher than room temperature 3-5 °C, far superior to the national standard;
  5. Easy to adjust, high degree of automation, can be suitable for the cooling of various pellets;
  6. Octagonal structure, even cooling, no dead ends;

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Additional information



Place of Origin

liyang Jiangsu, China

Model Number

SKLB series


Particle cooling


Clients Requirement


carbon steel and stainless steel


Siemens Brand




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