AHMG series Mobile feed dust collector

It is widely used in food, feed, food, light industry, building materials, wood, chemical and other industries to reduce dust and add raw materials to dust removal operations.


AHMT series Feed port pulse dust collector

  1. This machine adopts pneumatic conveying independently or vacuuming and vacuuming in food and feed industry, and is also suitable for dust recovery, filter dust removal, etc. in other industries.
  2. The special circular airbag adopts a straight solenoid valve to reduce the damage of the diaphragm of the solenoid valve, and the work is stable and reliable.
  3. Movable design, convenient and flexible.
  4. Utility model patent technology, novel structure and compact process.
  5. In the outer circle, the original high-efficiency dust removal equipment has flexible process flow and small floor space.
  6. High dust removal efficiency (99.9% or more)
  7. The filter bag can be selected according to user needs ultra-fine, heat-resistant, moisture-proof, anti-static, etc.
  8. Working pressure: 0.5 ~ 0.7MPa, pulse interval adjustment range: T = 3s ~ 90, width: T = 0.01s ~ 0.5s, filtration wind speed: 2-4 meters / minute.

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Additional information



Place of Origin

liyang Jiangsu, China

Model Number

AHMG series


Dust removal


Clients Requirement


carbon steel and stainless steel



The electromagnetic valve



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