AHMF series High voltage pulse dust collector

Under the suction of the fan, the dusty airflow enters the machine (dust chamber) from the bottom or side of the machine. The larger dust particles settle down due to the sudden decrease of the airflow speed in the machine. Finer dust particles Then it is blocked and adsorbed on the outer layer of the filter bag, and the filter bag is back-blown by the compressed air, so that it is separated from the filter bag and then settles and falls out together with the larger dust particles. The purified air that has passed through the filter bag is discharged from the upper outlet of the clean room.



AHMF series High voltage pulse dust collector

  1. Widely used in the food and feed industry, the import and export of hoppers, crushers and belt conveyors, single-point dust removal or concentrated dust removal quantitative packaging scales, cleaning screens and rotary distributors, can effectively reduce dust in the workshop or Effective recycling;
  2. The keel is connected by thread for easy assembly and disassembly;
  3. The custom air header is directly connected to the solenoid valve to ensure stable operation;
  4. Large filtration area and high efficiency (≥99.9%);
  5. By using a special square airbag and solenoid valve to directly connect, the damage of the solenoid valve diaphragm is reduced, and the work is stable and reliable;
  6. Double entry, flexible process layout;

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Additional information



Place of Origin

liyang Jiangsu, China

Model Number

AHMF series


Dust removal


Clients Requirement


carbon steel and stainless steel



The electromagnetic valve



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