SDBY series Feed pellet packaging machine

It is suitable for quantitative packaging of granular and powder materials, and is widely used in food, feed, food, light industry, chemical industry and other industries.



SDBY series Feed pellet packaging machine

Working principle: Under the control of weighing intelligent instrument, the packaging scale first carries out rough feeding, and the instrument collects sensor signals. When the coarse metering set value is reached, fine feeding is carried out. When the impulse correction value is reached, the feeding is stopped. At the same time, the feeding door is closed, and the weighing and unloading signal is issued. After receiving the discharging signal, the PLC asks whether the packaging bag is properly clamped. If it has been tightened, the discharge door discharge is opened, and the door is automatically closed after the completion of the discharge, and the PLC receives the signal. After the scale door has closed the signal, start the meter and enter the next pack for weighing.

Feeding form: three-stroke cylinder, fast, medium and slow three-speed feeding
Scope of application: rice
Packing speed: 10-20 packs / min
Packing range: 5-50 kg / bag

  1. Two types of structure, single scale and double scale, using double arc gate to control free blanking;
  2. Reserved computer data communication interface (RS232) for data communication with the peripheral management system;
  3. Adopt advanced microcomputer control instrument with automatic correction error, out-of-tolerance alarm, fault-derived diagnosis and other functions;
  4. Fast weighing and high precision; digital display, intuitive and easy to read, stable and reliable, easy to maintain;
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Additional information



Place of Origin

liyang Jiangsu, China

Model Number

SDBY series


Packing and weighing


Clients Requirement


carbon steel and stainless steel



The electromagnetic valve



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