A driven fluid machine. Centrifugal fans are widely used for ventilation, dust extraction and cooling in factories, mines, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships and buildings; ventilation and air intake in boilers and industrial furnaces; cooling and cooling in air conditioning equipment and household appliances Ventilation; drying and selection of grain; inflation and propulsion of wind tunnel sources and hovercraft.


  1. Ventilation and ventilation effect is very suitable, it is very suitable for pipe exhaust or air supply;
  2. Applicability is strong, non-corrosive, flammable and explosive gas can be used;
  3. Low noise, as long as there are obstacles, it can be soundproof;
  4. Smooth operation: Optimized design of the impeller reduces the axial force to a minimum, and has an efficient impeller, and is corrected by static and dynamic balance, so that the whole machine runs smoothly, without any damping device, the bearing The amplitude is relatively small;
  5. Easy maintenance, sturdy and durable: Some models can be equipped with cleaning doors, no need to disassemble for maintenance and cleaning, saving time and effort;
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Place of Origin

liyang Jiangsu, China

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Clients Requirement


carbon steel and stainless steel


Jiamusi or Weinan


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