SYPG series Drum type liquid spraying machine

Excellent post-addition technology, spraying grease, enzyme preparations, vitamins, organic acids, microorganisms and other nutrients and drugs on the surface of the particles. Drum-type spraying, fine particles, and full contact with the surface of the particles, spray evenly. The computer controls the amount of addition and the measurement is more accurate. The granule product is balanced, more attractive and resistant to disease.


SYPG series Drum type liquid spraying machine

  1. Spraying grease on the surface of pellet feed to produce special high-energy feed;
  2. Spray the coating on the surface of the pellet feed to make the surface of the pellet shine and enhance the market competitiveness;
  3. Spraying heat-sensitive vitamins, special phytase, spices, vegetable oils and organic acids on the swollen and puffed feed to compensate for the loss of the original nutrients during expansion and expansion;
  4. Spray animal fat to produce a uniform coated feed to facilitate material storage;
  5. It is mainly used for the addition of finished materials after grading and screening, with less waste;
  6. Applicable to: powder, granules, broken feed, expanded and expanded materials;
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Place of Origin

liyang Jiangsu, China

Model Number

SYPG series


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Carbon steel

Water pump



Siemens Beide


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