CPP series pellet machine ring die

CPP pellet machine series ring die adopts high-quality alloy steel and high chromium stainless steel. It is processed by forging, cutting, drilling, heat treatment and other processes. Through strict 5S production management and a series of technical improvements, the hardness, die hole uniformity and die hole finish of the production ring die have achieved very high quality.


CPP series pellet machine ring die

  1. Select high-quality raw materials, secondary steelmaking, degassing billet;
  2. Ring die material: X46Cr13 / 4Cr13 (stainless steel), 20MnCr5 / 20CrMnTi (alloy steel) or other custom materials;
  3. Imported gun drill and multi-station drill, one-time forming die hole, high-quality finish, production of feed, beautiful appearance and high output;
  4. Select the combination of vacuum furnace and continuous quenching furnace to ensure long service life;
  5. According to the principle and requirements of the customer to design compression ratio and strength;

Microscopic examination to ensure product quality;

20Cr / 20CrMnTi alloy steel ring die processing technology:

Cutting→Forging→Normalizing→Roughing→Tempering→Finishing→Drilling (Expanding) Hole→Carburizing→Grinding→(Excluding Oxidation Layer) →Pressure Testing→(Phosphorus Passivation)→Coating Antirust Oil→Check and save options;

CX46Cr13 / 4Cr13 stainless steel ring die processing technology:

Cutting→Forging→Roughing→Normalizing→Finishing→Quenching and tempering→Finishing→Drilling hole→NitridingPolishing→Pressure test→ Coating resistance→Rusty oil→Check and save options;

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Place of Origin

liyang Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

Model Number

CPP series pellet machine


Feed / Biomass Particles / Wood Chips / Organic Fertilizer / Other




20MnCr5 / 20CrMnTi /X46Cr13 / 4Cr13/ Other

Ring die hardness



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